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LARP - "Who said you could do that?" - "You did"

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    LARP - "Who said you could do that?" - "You did"

    So, this happened at a larp last weekend. There are 4 GMs there, and one of them is... interesting. The player group is amazing so I keep going back, making mostly my own plot and ignoring anything that resembles mainplot. The character I play is mostly built around exploration, crafting/tinkering and alchemy. I couldn't fight much, but I could run, track and hide when gadgets didn't work. It was non-punching batman in sprint shoes, basically.

    For some contrived plot-related reasons, we all had to go into the woods, in a group, and everyone who got outside of a certain range of the magical lantern would get lost, unless they had tracking level 3. So, I walked gleefully ahead of the group, trusting in my max-level "get the hell out" skills.

    DGM (short for DickheadGameMaster) wasn't super up-to-date on his own ruleset, so he walked up to me and told me I was now lost. I said "no, I have this skill that specifically says I don't". He just goes "Oh...well ok". So I roam ahead a bit, and come upon the obvious goal of the expedition, a lit-up area with an anvil and a bunch of NPCs around. Not wanting to ruin this super obvious plot-thing for the group, I go back and ask DGM

    Me: "Hey, I noticed that anvil over there, can I just walk up to it and take it?"

    DGM: "What you see is what you get!" (with a little arrogant smirk)

    Me: "OK, just letting you know I'm going to grab it and take it back to town then"

    DGM: "Do whatever you want to do"

    I figure that since I'm playing a blacksmith, it'd be well within my character to grab this obviously special anvil and face the consequences of my idiocy when the group arrives. Yay plot, right? So I walk over and I grab the anvil. NPCs don't really react since the main player group has arrived. Ok then... nothing happens. I wave over to DGM, pointing at the anvil, and he waves it off, standing next to players talking to NPCs and not being needed.

    I grab the anvil and realize it's not a well-made prop, but an actual, solid metal anvil. Ok then...

    Now, I'm an average-height woman, but I've done powerlifting and bodybuilding for more than a decade, and this anvil is pretty far below my weighted carry limit, let along my deadlift weight. So, I frown, pick it up and slog it back to "town", as the NPCs are doing their plot-related thing with the players I "sneak" off with a 70-ish kg anvil in my arms. I get back, placing the anvil in the smithy and wait for the players to get back to show them this awesome thing I found and await the consequence of my characters stupid actions.

    Players get back after a while, and I'm looking at two pissed off gamemasters. Not exactly what I was hoping would happen.

    GM1: "You can't just take stuff without asking! That's important to the plot!"

    Me: "I figured, so I asked DGM about it first, he said is was WYSIWYG"

    GM2: "Well he's wrong, you shouldn't ask him!"

    Me: "I literally told him I would take it, he said it was I did"

    DGM walks into the camp now.

    DGM: "You can't take that!"

    Me: "Well uhhh, obviously I can, since what you see is what you get... I saw an avil, I'm a smith, so..."

    DGM: "you weren't supposed to be able to lift it!"

    Me: "Maybe you should have TOLD ME WHEN I ASKED!"

    DGM: "You're a girl, you shouldn't be able to lift it"

    Me: "Like I said, you were should have told me that when..." and this is where I realize he wasn't talking about my character.

    GM1 and GM2 are giving eachother that "Not again" look.

    GM1: "Look, we can fix this, lets just say that because she's a blacksmith sh..."

    DGM: "No, we're just gonna have to do it again, and get it right this time!"

    Now, if you've never larped, this is a thing that doesn't happen. You don't "do over" a thing because it didn't go as you planned. You especially don't retcon things because things didn't happen the way you would have liked.

    GM1: "Uhhhhh, we'll get back to you on how we're gonna fix it"

    They didn't. We got on with the plot, investigating the magical anvil (which turned out suddenly to be a lot less magical now that we had access to it all the time.) and fun was had by all. Except DGM, who I keep having issues with, despite my best efforts to avoid him and do my own thing.